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Review: Garnier Sakura White Day Cream SPF 21/PA+++

Good day everyone!

Today I'm gonna make a review about Garnier Sakura White Day Cream SPF21/PA+++. I already have this product since mei or june, I forgot when exactly I bought this product. I purchased it immediately when I saw this product at department store without think twice in order to make my face looks brighter and healthier and it only costs idr 19.000! Super cheap right? So, does Garnier Sakura White work well for my skin? Let's check my review. 

Garnier Sakura White promise that you can get pinkish radiant skin just like sakura flower in only 4 weeks.
 It comes in a jar packaging with soft pink color. I love the packaging, it's so cute ^^. Sadly This Product doesn't come with spatula so make sure you wash your hand well before using this garnier sakura white.
It also has SPF21/PA+++ to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB. SPF only protects our skin from UVB and PA stands for protection grade of UVA (UVA light is caused by aging factors) system and is the Japanese measurement of sun protection, which is based on the Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) reaction reading at 2-4 hours of sun exposure.  PA is a protective level of strength to mark the three PA+, PA++ and PA+++.(Resource:

 The cream itself has soft pink color and sakura scent (maybe, since I don't know how sakura smells like). This one which comes in a jar and has SPF has thick consistency and has texture similiar with mousse. I heard that the one that comes in a tube is lighter and for oily skin, this one which comes in a jar and has SPF is supposed for normal to dry skin (this explains why my face became oily in only 2 hours).

(oh my face T_T)

It blends easily and absorb fast on skin. Garnier sakura white gives instant brightness when applied. It doesn't give sticky feeling like usual day cream when applied. After applied it my face began to oily around 2 or 3 hour (I have super oily face since I graduated from high school I don't know why). My face became smoother and brighter after I applied this cream but the effects will vanish after washed off. And I don't see any improvement in my skin tone and dark spots (or acne scar spot) I had used it for around 1 month. While using this cream somehow I got pimples around my forehead and cheek. I was thinking that maybe not this cream that cause my acne but when I stopped using this product the pimples were reduced. I have read many good reviews about this product but maybe this product is just not for me. If only this cream didn't break me out I would still happily using it until now.

What I like:
-nice scent
-make my skin looks brighter
-make my skin smoother
-can cover a bit of my redness

What I dont't like:
-it got me pimples
-the brighter effect only temporary
-doesn't come with a spatula

Will I repurchase this product? I think no :) 

Well, have any of you tried this Garnier sakura white? I would love to know your experience with this product!

Melissa Y

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and the review is my honest opinion about this product. It may works different with different skin condition.

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  1. look great product. the packaging so cute!


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