Kamis, 29 November 2012

My Christmas Swap with ci Theresia Fweegy!

Hello everyone! Sorry for long hiatus (around 2 weeks I think).. From last week my final exam started T_T.. So I didn't have any time to make a blogpost ><

So today I want to share about my Christmas Swap with ci Feegy. Few weeks ago ci Shasha from MissBelanjaOnline.blogspot.com held christmas swap for blogger and nonblogger.
At first I didn't know who's my partner until ci Feegy contacted me on Facebook, then we discussed about what we like and what we hate.

The present arrived at my home around a week ago, but I was too busy with my study to post about this christmas swap last week T_T

When this present arrived, I was studying so the courier threw it into my house through my fence! Luckily there's no damage. 

Pretty pouch xD

I got:
-Maybelline Long Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner
-Maybelline Lipstick
and some samples

Thanks ci Feegy, I really love the eyeliner, I've been eyeing for this eyeliner for months \(^o^)/ and I happy I got lipstick!! I didn't have any lipstick before :p 

Again thanks for ci Shasha and ci Feegy I really enjoyed this Christmas Swap :D
Love, Melissa

8 komentar:

  1. Glad you already did the swap with fweegy :D
    The eyeliner looks great! I've been eyeing that for a while too :P

    1. iyaa cii fun banget ahaha xD
      will review it soon ;)

  2. the items look nice but boo on the courier! how could they just throw a parcel when it is clearly stated that it is "fragile", tsk~ but good thing everything is in good condition ^_~

    1. Yeah I really disappointed at the courier, they often just threw the packet although they've known it's fragile! I really enjoyed this christmas swap xD

  3. Hai!! aku br blk and baru buka post2 ahhaah untungggg th makeup dtg dgn selamat.. padahal aku udah tulis + kasih sticker nya... aiyah... :s

    1. Halo halo! Iyaa aku udah ngeri banget tuh pas liat paketnya ngegeletak ddlm pager, lgsg buru2 buka & untungnya selamat ><


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