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Pandora Vanilla Milkshake #Blue (review)

Good evening ladies! How's your day? This week I'm super busy LOL.. Today is the only day I can write blogpost T_T, until next Friday I won't be able to write blogpost buhuhuhuhuhu :'(

Nah today I want to do a review about Pandora Vanilla Milkshake in blue color. I got this from @Gita_geo because I won Marsha giveaway, thanks to both of you! ^^
I always wanted to try this lens and taraaaaaaaa I won her giveaway xD

I love the detail on it's side!!

Pandora Vanilla Shake in Blue
Diameter: 19.5mm
Life span: 6-12 month.
Water content: 52%
BC: 8.6mm
CT: 0.012mm

OMG the packaging is so cute!! I love the packaging so much, the cutest packaging circle lens ever! And it came in blister type, I prefer this type of packaging, I don't like the bottle type, sometimes when I'm trying to open the bottle, the vial cut my fingers :'( (9/10)

 I really love the pattern, it's so pretty. I don't know why but it reminds me of chrysanthemum flower :p
The colors isn't only blue but it also has yellow, and pink/purple too, so pretty xD 

But for 19.5mm lens, this lens isn't as big as I thought before, I think it would be a super huge lens that I can't insert it to my eye :p
See? It's size is almost same with my Geo Princess Mimi Green, even the geo is bigger! (read the review here).

On my eyes
In room light. 

 With flash, sorry for my smudging eyeliner .__.

 Well, the color doesn't show up well on my eyes, especially in room light, but in the sun light I think the color is obvious but isn't too obvious.

For the enlargement this lens is huge, just like my Geo Princess Mimi but I expected bigger lens than this because it's 19.5mm right? :p 

This lens doesn't feel too comfortable on my eyes, maybe because the night before I used this lens I only slept for 3 hours =.=' and usually when I'm lack of sleep every lens feel uncomfortable unless I use freshkon. But it's far better than my X2 or Sydney. But the other day I tried this, it was comfortable.

This is my favorite lens now! xD.. I think I'll use this everytime I hang out since my Princess Mimi has became uncomfortable, I don't know why T_T.. It's my first blue lens, and I think I'll try other blue lens sometimes I'm bored with grey/brown lens -__-

My FOTD with this Lens xD

I hate whitecast when I'm using BB Cream with high SPF huhuhu T.T

Oh ya me with 2 other friends entered Untar Lomba Ilmu Ekonomi yesterday and unexpectedly my team made it to semifinal! That's why I didn't have time to write last week and likewise next week, I must study for the semifinal and final next friday (if I can go through semifinal). Please everyone, support me and pray for me so that I'll make it to final ^^

That's all for today, thanks for reading ladies. Have you tried this lens? How do you think about this lens? Please comment :D
Love, Melissa

9 komentar:

  1. iya mel, dari jauh ga gitu keliatan yaa.. tapi kalau di flash jadi bagussss.. colorful :D
    lucky you could won the giveaway >.<

    kamu pake BB cream apa? yang Etude clear line SPF 50 itu?

    Good luck buat lombanyaa.. xD

    1. Iyaaa memang colorful bgt, motifnya jg cakep beneer, suka deh xD
      Iya bner yg spf 50 tp nmanya precious mineral sun ☺ Hë•⌣•hë•⌣•Hë ☺
      Thankss ^^

  2. waaaaahhh bagus banget warnanya >.<
    aih racun nih racuuunn

    btw goodluck ya lombanya!!
    may the odds be ever in your favor!!

    mels at pandapavillon.blogspot.com

    1. Ayo dibeli dibeli xD
      Wrnanya bgs n lumayan nyaman (msh klh dr geo siih)
      Thankyou :*

  3. It looks nice on you! ^_~

  4. pandora ini emang cute banget, pengen beli dari dulu cuma diameternya gede >.<
    ada kesulitan gak pas makenya?

    cieeee, good luck ya buat lombanya!!

    1. ga terlalu gede loh pas dicoba, sama kaya geo 15mm malahan, cuma dimata kiriku emang agak sulit masuk sih gatau napa ._.
      thankss xD


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