Minggu, 23 September 2012

Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Cake Fragrance

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last post, I'm super busy last few weeks, I really need holiday T_T.. Thanks to PILKADA (I don't know what's that in english :p) last Thursday, I can rested all day :')

Nah today I want to share about my favorite perfume so far. It's Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Cake Fragrance! xD
The packaging is really cute, it is like a lollipop LOL

See? Super cute!! I really love the packaging *0*
 At first I think it was really a pink stick, but it's only a paper :p

Like a compact powder eh?

I can bring it everywhere and it's not take much place in my bag, and when I forgot to bring mirror I can use this. Well for me it looks like a blush on :p 
The swirl is so cute just like a lollipop :3

It has a creamy texture, and when it's used on skin it became invisible, I usually use it on my wrist and neck

I really love this perfume! It's affordable and last for around 3 hours for me yah. It has a really sweet scent like candy, when I smell it out from it case it's kinda a strong scent but when I used it on my wrist or neck it turned to be a soft sweet scent. I always love a perfume that has sweet scent! <3<3
But I don't recommend this for you who don't like sweet scent :D

What I like: 
-Cute packaging!
-Quite affordable for a perfume (I bought it for idr 100.000 at my cousin)
-Has a really sweet scent
-Last for around 3 hours
-Has mirror in it ( I often forgot to bring mirror LOL)

What I hate:
-Nothing at the moment! xD

Repurchase? I'm still considering it, I want to try another perfume, but maybe I will repurchase this one. 

Have you tried this? If haven't, what's your favorite perfume?

Thanks for reading sweeties
Love, Melissa <3

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  1. Aww it's soo cute... and it last quite long too... usually this kind of perfume only last about an hour for me.

    Hmm.... Gonna try the one from etude next time...


    1. I fall for it's cuteness, I can't stand for cute things ><
      Must try this! I really love this perfume xD

  2. lucuuk parfum ini. kemarin-kemarin sempet pengen banget beli soalnya wanginya juga cocok sama hidungku :p

    1. Ayo dibeli ayo dibeli xD *tebar racun*

  3. Hi dear :) i'm a newbie here.... Love this post!
    I was thnking to buy this perfume then i found your blog, thanks for reviewing this ^^
    I've followed you :D

    Please kindly visit and follow me back ;)

    1. Hi dear, thanks! Glad to know that you love this post ;)
      Visited, I'll follow you later since I don't know how to follow blog by mobile *gaptek* :p

  4. Wow! the packaging is freaking cutE!!!!I need to get one of this too!! Thanks so much for sharing ^_~

  5. packagingnya lucuuu tapi takut ga cocok sama wanginya + ini kyk solid perfume gitu? :/


    1. Yah semacem solid perfume gitu :D, kalo takut ga ccok coba testernya dulu aja di counter etude, ada kok ^^

  6. I saw this on Etude counter a while back, I think ima buy it at year end sale <33 heheh. thanks for the review!

  7. Kamu belinya dimana sis??koq bsa dpt 100rbu??^^


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