Minggu, 09 September 2012

Giveaway I've joined

Hello, today I want to post about giveaway that I've joined, but only a few of them since I don't remember every giveaway I've joined ._.

1. Xiaovee's 2nd Giveaway
 Xiaovee from Xiao Vee's World hold giveaway because she have reached 200 followers and her graduation. Oh ya I love her blog so much, she is really a friendly and kind :'), one of my favorite blogger! ^^
I hope you all join her giveaway :D click here if you want to join her giveaway!

2. IamBabyPanda Thanksgiving Giveaway
This blog owner, Ina is so generous, she provide so many gift for her giveaway winner! and  it's worthed $382 USD! Join now by click here

3. Jing-Jing Giveaway, Lots of masks!!
Nah if you are masks lover you should join this giveaway, she will give a lot of face masks since she bought it too many! I saw on her older post she bought really a huge number of mask! Join by click here

2 komentar:

  1. Hi there. What cute packaging for cosmetics. And a large selection of face masks

    1. Yeah I hope I can win all of that haha :p


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