Senin, 03 September 2012

Etude House Aloe & Pomegranate Sheet Mask (Review)

Hello everyone! This gonna be a short review from me since I'm so busy, there are still many tasks for me to do sighh what a tiring month for me.
Okay so I got this Aloe mask around August and Pomegranate mask on July ( you can see them in my July and August Haul)
Aloe Mask

Nah you can see on the pic above about it's ingredients, and what does this mask do for your skin :p

This mask has a lot of essence (or what the name? I don't know lah hihihi) I use the remaining essence on my face and neck and my bf face (LOL I like to put my skincare on his face sometimes even make up!)

I don't feel something special after using this mask, but I love the cool sensation, it's better put this mask in refrigerator before use it. oh ya this mask isn't big enough to cover my forehead! Is my forehead that big?? T___T

What I like from Aloe Mask:
-Affordable (I'm stingy! :p)
-Didn't make me break out
-Reduce my redness (just a little ._.)
-Made my skin feel so smooth xD
-Has a lot of essence

What I hate from Aloe Mask:
-Not big enough to cover my forehead T_T
-The scent, I don't know what scent is that but it isn't a nice one (for me ya)
-Just give so-so result, nothing
-It doesn't really prevent acne because I still got acne the next day, the small one
-Temporary result

Pomegranate Mask

I prefer this one, I love this mask! It gave me instant result that my face became not dull anymore! and made my face glowing but not oily and of course smooth, maybe all mask sheet make skin feel smooth?? But yeah it just give a temporary result.

This is the pic of my cheek after used this mask, sorry for the bad quality and colour, I took this photo on July with my suck camera phone, on that time I haven't owned camera at that time and my brother didn't borrow me his camera T_T
Can you see the glowing?? xD

What I like from Pomegranate Mask:
-Made my face became not dull
-My face became glowing after using this xD
-Has a lot of essence
-My face became so smooth
-Didn't make me break out

What I hate from Pomegranate Mask:
-Temporary result
-Not big enough for my forehead

I think all mask sheet have temporary result unless we used it regularly

Repurchase? Yes for the Pomegranate, no for Aloe.. I want to try the pearl one x)

Thanks for reading, I'm sorry for the really bad grammar and english I just too tired so I just write whatever I remember in my head about this mask but this is really 100% my opinion

Love, Melissa x)

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  1. yang foto terakhir kulit kamu kelihatan bagus banget lho~ hehehe jadi pingin nyobain maskernya..thanks buat reviewnya~

    1. Waah thankss ci xD
      Yg pome bagus, kalo aku krg suka yg aloe :(

    2. Permisi aku jual red pome mask nya 20rb aja per sheet, beli 6 gratis 1 mj care mask.
      Kalo minat bisa
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  2. Permisi aku jual yg pome mask cuman 20rb aja beli 6 gratis mj care mask
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    Or WA 081938588988 thank u

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