Kamis, 27 September 2012

Lancome Beauty Event: Makeup Duel

Hello everyone ^^
This time I want to share about beauty event by Lancome at Mall Taman Anggrek. The event was about Makeup Duel between Carnellin Yulianti and Hanna Anindhita. The even was started at 11 a.m. This was the first time I attended a beauty event and I am so exicted :D, but I came late because my bf picked me up at around 11 :'(.. I'm so sad that I came late so I couldn't see the battle from beginning. T_T
At this battle, Carnellin and Hanna didn't do makeup for their models by themself, the makeup were did by Lancome Makeup Artist which concept came from Hanna and Carnellin.

At this event Lancome also introduce their new mascara, Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara. The Mascara claimed to deliver a doll lash effect and wide eye look. Hanna and Carnellin also used this mascara for the duel. 

 "Dolly Look" by Carnellin

"Barbie Doll Look" by Hanna

Unfortunately I got bad posisition so I couldn't take the picture from front side, sorry for bad pict :(

From the left: Carnellin's model, Carnellin, Hanna, Hanna's model

The winner of this duel was selected by vote. And when we were waiting the vote to be counted, there was a doll-like-dance (I don't know how to call it!) by two Russian models. OMG they're so pretty, tall and have fair skin, they made me envy!
The right one is my favorite :D

Counting, counting counting.....

And... The winner was........
Congrats ci Carnellin ^^

They both got rose bouquet, gift, but only the winner who got ticket pass for next makeup battle which place is still a secret :p

Goodie bag from Lancome

Me with other bloggers
This is Megan from Koala Kiss,
she is so pretty while I looks so dumb in this pict ._. *crying*

 With ci Rini, Some where over the rainbow, she is one of my favorite bloggers! I'm so happy that I could met her there xD

 With ci Marsha, Blush Off

Actually I could get a polaroid photo with the two beautiful Russian models, but I just knew it when I arrived at home!! At that time I almost cry :'(, pity me

But I'm so happy that I can met with another IBB, and believe me they're all so friendly and nice, I'm happy that I can be a part of IBB :D

I think that's all, thanks for reading, sorry if there are many gramatical errors, but I try my best to write in english since I don't feel comfortable if I write in Bahasa, but my english skill is suck so forgive meeeee :'(

Love, Melissa <3

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  1. U did good. :) there are a few grammatical errors but not too worry because whoever read will acrually understand what you are trying to say. All and all i think it is a great summary of the event. I am so jealous that I can't be there too. I would have loved to meet all of you guys.

    1. Thank you kak Rosdi :').. I will learn more to fix my grammatical error ><
      Yeah it's so fun! Other IBB member are so kind and friendly even it was my first time attended a beauty event xD

  2. it must be a fun event! ooh all of you look really lovely!! I love Megan and Rini too! ^_~

    1. Really a fun event x) I'd love to attend another beauty event, but many times the place just too far from my place, luckily this event was held not far from my place. Thanks ^^

  3. Hello there! Great post you have here, don't worry about grammatical error too much, you'll learn by the time goes by. :)

  4. great event!
    id love to see that duel too :p


    1. me too ;)
      did you come to that event??


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