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Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream #W13 (Review)

Hello everyone, I'm back, I really miss blogging! :') Sorry for the hiatus, the last two weeks I had really much homework, project, tests, etc and I even didn't have time to blogwalking like usually I do T_T.. Beside that, I felt really unhealthy and sick the last two weeks because lack of sleep..

This time I want to review about my favorite BB cream so far, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Description: Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream promotes silky complexion and brightened look with Pearl Mineral Powder infused sheer coverage. Powerful UV protection and long lasting waterproof formula for all day outdoor protection
1. Sponge application: dispense cream and use sponge to gather and apply coverage to all areas of the face
2. Direct application: remove cap and dispense onto hands for direct and additional application
Well I can't deny that etude house products always have cute packaging, it's simple but I just love it xD..
 Unfortunately It isn't a pump type, so sometimes it came out too much  ._.

It comes with sponge at attached to it's cap. It's more pratical for travel since you don't need to bring sponge anymore, but I prefer to use my fingers at applying BB cream. 

On My Face
Well, it does make my face looks brighter and can cover my acne scars and it has good oil control I think since it can stay matte on my face for around two hours and around 3 hours if set with compact powder. But after 5 hours my face will look shiny so I must blot the excess oil around my nose T.T.. But I like how this BB cream make my face looks flawless and smooth.. This BB cream also has SPF 50/PA+++ and a nice flowery scent ^^.

What I like:
-Cute packaging
-Good oil control
-Can cover redness/ acne scars
-Has SPF 50/PA+++
-Makes my face looks brighter and smooth
-Has nice scent

What I hate:
-Since it contains spf when I take picture with this bb cream my face looks so pale like ghost O_o
-Doesn't have a pump
-Hard to come out 
-Sometimes came out too much
And for the last I want to share my FOTD with this BB cream :p

 With my lovely mooom, she has flawless and normal skin >< *jealous*

Nah I think that's all, thanks for reading ya.. Have you tried this BB cream? What do you think about it? 
Love, Melissa :*

I bought this product with my own money
I'm not paid for doing this review
This is my honest review and opinion, it can work different on your skin maybe better maybe worse
 Please don't copy my post & picture without my permission 

14 komentar:

  1. cantik ^^
    btw aq juga suka pakai ini kalau siang, soalnya juga ada spf 50.. kalau lagi males pakai sun block pakai ini hehe.. cuma coverage nya ga sbagus etude yang precious kalau aq rasa ..
    thankss for review ^^♥

    1. Thankss ^^
      Iya, kalau aku memang ga suka pake sunblock soalnya muka aku jd oily bgt :(
      Sama2 :D

  2. baguuuus ya hasilnya flawless dan coveragenya oke..

    anyway itu beneran waterproof kah mel?

    kamu pake shade berapa?

    1. Iyaa aku suka bgt sama BB cream ini xD
      Aku pake shade w13, natural beige. Ada 2 shade lg utk yg kulitnya putih dan lbh gelap.
      Waterproof sih, tapi ga yg bener2 extrem, kalo kena air & diusap2 knceng luntur jg ^^

  3. it look so nice on you!!! but you already have a nice skin to begin with ^_~

    1. Yaay thankyou Janet ^o^.. Luckily at the time I took the picts there was no pimples at my face :p

  4. whitecast jg ya diaa ._.ud lama ga kliatan kmunyaa... *cubit

    1. Iya nih, ga suka bgt deh foto pk flash klo lg pk BB cream ini :(
      Hohoho sibuk cii, sklh lg hobi nyiksa murid

  5. aq juga pakai ini...sukaaa..

    following u now dear..
    mampir yah^^

    1. Hello ^^
      Thanks for following me dear, I'm following u back ;)

  6. Wah, coveragenya lumayan ya, spf tinggi pula.
    Rata2 review tentang bb crem ini pada bagus2. Aq sendiri belum pernah pakai, pengen coba sich tapi aq masi punya bb cream precious mineralq yg belom habis2 he he...
    btw I'm Deasy, ur new follower. Please follow me back if u like^^

    1. Hello kak Deasy :D
      Tadinya aku juga mau beli yg precious mineral loh, secara it pump dan isinya lbih byk, tpi tergoda liat packaging yg ini, lbh cute hihihi xD
      Thanks for following me ^^
      Following u back ;)

  7. Balasan
    1. Agak mahal sih c (klo mnrt ak ya :p) 170rbuan deh seinget aku, sampe nabung ><


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