Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

The Faceshop Nail Polish #PK106

Hello again! Second post for today hohohoho. This will be a short post because I just wanna share about my current favorite nail polish! xD

I got this nail polish from ci ci Theresia when she held a beauty adoption, I got this for free loh! She's so kind, I love u ci Theresia :*

Nah, I think the packagin isn't cute, but not bad lah, I love this kind of packaging too, it looks elegant (IMO). I love the detail on it's cap, so pretty xD. About it's formula, it's quite watery and I love this kind of nail polish, easy to apply! It's really different from my black etude house nail polish, it's thick and very hard to apply -_-.. But this nail polish doesn't dry too fast if applied too thick.

On My Nails

 The color isn't too opaque, at the pict above it just 1 coat,  it'll need  2 coats to bring out more opaque color. But I really love the color! Stunning color, right? But I only use this nail polish if I want to hang out, not for everyday use, my teacher will punish me if I use this for school -_-

What I like:
-Pretty color
-Watery formula
-Easy to apply
-Nice packaging 

What I hate:
-Not opaque color
-Doesn't dry that fast if applied too thick 

Repurchase? Yes absolutely I love this nail polish xD

Thanks for reading sweeties, and good night!
Love, Melissa

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  1. i have three bottles of the face shop nail polishes, and i have to apply three to four coats so the color showed up :S and i agree with you, these don't dry fast.


    1. 4 coats?? What color are they? Luckily this one only need 2 coats and the color will show up prettily.

  2. the color is so cute ^_~

  3. bagus warnanyaaaa mel, hihihi, kita ketemu lagi di event lancome yak ^_^

    anyway I'm following you, hope you don't mind following me back ya dear ^_^


    1. Hohoho iya, hallo kak Tia xD
      Thx for following me ^^
      Aku dh follow kak Tia dr dlu kok hihi


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