Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Geo Princess Mimi Green Apple

Hello everyone!! How are you? I'm in a good mood now so I decided to do a review about my current lens  xD
I bought this lens on July from Geosoftlens.com they have a lot of promo so if you have time be sure to check it :) and really fast shipping! The lens arrived just one day after I transferred the money.
credits: google

Geo WMM-303 (Princess Mimi Green Apple)
-Diameter: 15mm
-Water content: 38-42%
-Life span: 6-12 months

This is my first 15mm diameter lens! xD
I forgot to take picture of the bottles, I just throw them away after I opened it :'(

I've been eyeing for this lens for several months before decided to bought it! I really love the pattern! And it has bold ring outside. there's a brown-yellowish colors at the middle part so it can blend well with dark color eyes. 
Without flash
I'm using eyelid tape so I have double eyelid, LOL
 With Flash

I really love this lens! They're really comfortable, when I first tried this I didn't think that they're really this comfortable, my previous geo lens don't comfortable like this. This is the most comfortable lens that I've tried so far ^^
I love how beautiful the color show on my eyes, and it makes my eyes look bigger. but this lens really unnatural, so it's better to use this lens with eye makeup, but I don't care lah as long as my school allows it's students to wear contact lens with bright colors..

Me with this lens
I looks so chubby  in this photo -_-

What I like
-Really comfortable (9.5/10)
-Make my eyes look bigger (10/10)
-The pattern (8/10)
-The color (7.5/10)

What I hate
-not any :p
I really need comfortable lens to use because I mostly use lens for school and I must wear it at least 6 hours and for some days I will using it for more than 8 hours, but this lens is very comfortable to use

Repurchase? Of course! But in different color, I want to try sesame grey xD

I recommend this for all circle lens lovers!! Must have item.. This is really my own opinion, I bought this lens with my own money ;__; I don't think that all of you who have tried this lens feel really satisfied like me, maybe some of you feel this lens uncomfortable, I don't know, everyone eyes are different. And maybe some of you don't like this lens either, like my friends she said that this lens are ugly hahaha, but I like it so I just keep wearing it :)

Thanks for reading sweeties :*

13 komentar:

  1. just for advice, I think you should paste the double eyelid sticker more higher to make the double lid more obvious :)

    1. Thanks sarannya xD
      Aku masih belum gitu pro pake scott hehe :$

  2. So pwetty! Used the grey one before, but then I accidentally left it out open and dry, and when I moistened it again it became extremely uncomfy wtf Щ(ºДºщ) nice review btw

    1. Yeah I'm in love with this lens, the pattern is so pretty! What a waste, you better give it to me :p LOL just kidding xD
      Thanks ^^

  3. aku pakainya yg almond brown. klo ini wrnanya ngejreng bgt jd ga brani make ._.v tp mmg lmyan comfy ya seri princess mimi ini ^^

    1. Awalnya aku mau yg almond ci, tp lg pgen coba yg 15mm dan warna ngejreng jdi lah beli ini :D
      Tapi sbenernya wrnanya ga terlalu ngejreng juga loh pas dipake, lbih kearah ijo tua ☺ Hë•⌣•hë•⌣•Hë ☺

  4. I have this too :D its so pretty. Tapi mnrut aku yg grey lebih bagus ;) wkwkwk

    1. Iya aku sbenernya jg sukanya abu, cuma lg pgen lens ijo jadi beli ini deh hehehe xD tpi ga nyesel sih beli yg ini ^^

  5. Your eyes looks bigger even in that pair of monolids! Mirip sama Luna F(x) di sini : http://images.kpopstarz.com/data/images/full/2012/06/11/19540-luna.jpg

    And you look uber cute too :)

    Salam kenal ya, I've followed you :)

    1. Yaaaay thanks for the compliment sweetie xD
      Salam kenal juga ;) following you back ^^

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