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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner (Review)

Good night ladies!
This is my second post today ^^, and I will do a review about Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner.
I have been using this toner since August 2012. Before I tried this I have tried the skin Malgeum toner and it made me break out -___-".  Maybe you have seen this product on my September haul. I got it's 25ml travel size on August and it last for around 3 weeks for me.
Description: Wonder Pore Freshner is a total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health from within.

It Claims to 

 Mine is the 250ml size, this toner has 500ml size but I think it's too big so I just bought the 250ml size. And about the packaging, Etude House never disappoint me xD.. It is a cute packagin for a toner 
It even comes with illustration on it's box and I really like the illustration xDD

It said that this toner can eliminate "Demodex".. It's a kind of tiny parasite that live in our skin especially near hair follicles. Click here to know more about demodex. 

 But this toner doesn't come in a pump type T_T.. Sometimes this toner comes out too much :'(

So far the toner doesn't make me break out but about what it claims I will spell it out one by one :p
-Maintain PH 4.5 +- 1.. I don't know about this because I can't measure my skin's PH
-Refine the skin tones. Haven't seen any improve at my skin tones, but my skin feel smoother 
-Keep the elasticity of pores. I don't know about this too :p
-Deep cleanse pores. Yes, this toner really clean my pores ( I think) usually I use toner after wash my face so my face is suppose to be super clean, right? But after I wipe my face with toner and I see the result is the cotton I used for wiped my face was turned to be yellowish a bit. So it can cleanse what facial foam can't xD
-Minimize appearance of pores. I have big pores around my nose especially after extracted the blackhead -___-.. after used this my pores didn't become smaller, but I think it became less visible. 
-Control large amount of sebum. I have oily face. Yeah this makes my face less oily but doesn't really control large amount of sebum like it claims.
-Moisturize inside and outside of skin. I don't feel this toner moisturize my skin but it doesn't make my skin dry after used this ^^

Oh ya I read a review that this toner can be used as makeup remover too, interesting huh? But it's true! When I was too tired to wash my face ( I know I'm super lazy!) I used this toner to cleanse my waterproof eyeliner, BB cream and it really removed my waterproof eyeliner and BB cream.But I don't recommend you to cleanse your makeup only with this toner, always do double cleansing! 

It has soft scent, I can't describe it, but I don't like it's scent ><

What I like:
-Cheap, around idr 100.000-120.000 (forgot the price T_T) for 250 ml.
-Makes my face less oily
-Makes my face became smoother
-Cute Packaging
-Can be used as makeup remover

What I hate:
-Doesn't come in a pump type for it's 250ml size
-It's scent
-Haven't seen any improve at my skin tones

Nah that's all thanks for visiting my blog ^^.. Have you tried this toner?? Please comment :D
Love, Melissa

I bought this product with my own money
I'm not paid for doing this review
This is my honest review and opinion, it can work different on your skin maybe better maybe worse
 Please don't copy my post & picture without my permission 

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  1. Aku juga pake ini mel.. entah knapa menurutku baunya itu kaya tape.. wkwk >.<
    tapi sjauh ini enak juga si dipake.. ga gitu ngefek juga buat pori" ku.. hehe

    1. haaah tape?? ngakak bacanya wkwkwkkwkw, tapi kalo diinget2 bau tape agak mirip juga sih baru kepikiran
      iya sayang nih, coba minyak ilang pori2 lgsg kecil waw banget ahaha

  2. lol baca komentar atas xD bau tape xD aku juga mau coba ini nih, kepengin banget. tapi takut ga cocok.

    visit my blog ^^

    1. Hihihi kalo dpkir2 emg mirip bau tape xD
      Beli travel sizenya dulu aja ada deh biasanya di olshop2 yg ukuran 25 ml :)

  3. this seems like a nice toner and the packaging is pretty cute too ^_~

    1. Yes! Etude house products always come in cute packaging, and as a cute packaging junkie I love that ( ื▿ ืʃƪ)

  4. aku abis pake yg 250ml beli yg 500ml yur krn pengen botolnya doank.. wkwk.. smpe skrg msi ada setengah o.O
    tp ntar klo ud abis mau ganti yg lain sihh :p

    1. Wahahaa ci Rini, LOL, tpi emg bgs sih ya botolnya buat koleksi *loh?*
      aku juga kalo ini abis pgen gnti yg lain sih, ud ad stock lain, tapi lamaa abisnya ato emg aku yg hemat pakenya ya?? :p

  5. aku baru coba yang 25ml, so far suka, pengen beli 250ml nyaa..
    kalo baunya buat aku biasa aja sih..
    karena ini cuma toner, harus sabar deh say, mungkin kalo pake satu paket Wonder Pore nya, cepet kali ya pore nya mengecil..
    tapi aku baca review yg ini
    dia pake 500ml buat 10bulan, dan it works, bahkan milia nya juga ilang O.o
    Jadi tambah pengen beli..

    btw, thanks for the review, nice.. :D

    1. Maklum, selera bau2an aku emg aneh, hihi :p
      Iyaa, ini emang tahan lama, makanya aku mau yg 500 ml tkt ga abis >< kan sayang, malah skrg udh ad stock toner lain lg huaa..
      Sama2 ^^, thx ud mampir jg ☺ Hë•⌣•hë•⌣•Hë ☺

  6. aaakkk!!! geli liat demodex nya, OMG *takut*
    demodex itu uda pasti ada ya di wajah??
    jd pengen beli, mo basmi demodex!!! :(

    1. Bntuknya menjijikan banget ya memang -____- untg juga ukurannya kecil. Biasanya sih pasti ad tp kurang tw jg aku ☺ Hë•⌣•hë•⌣•Hë ☺

  7. aku juga pake iniiii, hahaha, enak sih, tapi udah kebel kayaknya mukaku mel. komedo emang berkurang sih, cuma jerawat kecil2 tetep ada :p

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    join my giveaway here:

    1. ahahaa masa udah kebal siih kak Tiaa xD
      kayanya ini emang ga ampuh buat ilangin jerawat deh :x
      okee nanti aku join, thanks yah udah kasih tau ^^

  8. baunya mirip sama FTE nya SKII tapi baunya etude yang lebih tajam memang, mungkin (mungkin lho ya) tipe-tipe tonernya korea memang bau-bau ragi tape :D


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