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Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Review)

Good night and hello everyone! ^^
Today I don't go anywhere so I can make a review about this eyeliner. If you read post about my Chirstmas Swap with ci Feegy before, you must be know that I got this eyeliner from her several weeks ago.

To be honest, this is my first gel eyeliner. I always wanted to try this gel eyeliner because I've read so many good review about this eyeliner and then ci Feegy gave this baby to me ^^

This eyeliner comes in a very simple packaging, made from glass and the cap reminds me of bottle's cap??
I don't really like it's packaging since I prefer the cute one xD

It has creamy texture and glides easily on my eyelid, I find it's much easier to use this eyeliner if compare to my liquid eyeliner. 

it also comes with a brush, I never owned an eyeliner brush before so I don't know wether it's nice quality brush or so-so, but I really love this brush! It has really soft bristles and really easy to draw any line (exept for super thin line).. 

Swatches on My Hand
 The colour show up well! the left and centre one were only one swipe, and the right one was two swipes. 

Nah it seems to be a really good waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner, doesn't it? Will it lasts long on my oily eyelids? We'll see!

On My Eyes
After 4 hours. I used foundation as a primer because I don't have any eye primer T_T.. It smudged badly at the outer corner of my eyes. ( I only wore lasting drama eyeliner at that time!)

With Liquid Eyeliner On Top it..
 No smudge!! I applied the eyeliner at 7.30 am when I was about to attend a beauty event (will make a post about it soon!)

it smudged a little at the outer corner, but it just great! even almost 12 hours it still there, different with using this eyeliner alone huh?? btw I was using Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner (read the review here)..

What I like:
-Easy to use
-Comes with a nice brush
-Really long lasting if apply with liquid eyeliner on top it even for my super oily eyelids. 

What I hate:
-Smudge when applied alone without liquid eyeliner
-When smudge my eyes look like 'Panda Eyes'
-Not cute packaging *slapped*

Although it smudge when applied alone I really love this eyeliner. Because if I only use liquid eyeliner it still smudge, but if I use both of them (liquid on top) it becomes a great duo that can last all day!!

Repurchase? I don't know, I want to search another gel eyeliner that better than this one, maybe Catallina Geo? 

Thanks for reading sweeties, have you tried this eyeliner? Any recomendation for good gel eyeliner? Please let me know ^^

Love, Melissa

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  1. tony moly backstage yur..
    salah satu best seller tony moly, baguss :D

    1. Smudge ga ci? Pgen yg bener2 ga smudge ga usah ditimpa lg pke liquid *byk maunya* шªκªκª=κªκªκªκ

  2. thanks for sharing this! I haven't tried this but it does look pretty long lasting =)

    1. I'm sure if you don't have oily eyelids like mine, it'll be super great eyeliner! XD

  3. How much is this gel liner ?


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