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Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss (review)

Good night!
I'm back with a new review about my fave lipgloss. Usually I'm not a big fan of lipgloss because I think the colour is usually just sheer, and when I applied it on my lips it just give glossy look and it give no difference to my pale lips color, but this lipgloss has changed my mind! Few weeks ago Mei gave me this mini size lipgloss from laneige. She got it from Laneige Water Supreme Makeup Give 3 Set.

Curious? Let's see the review.

Name: Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss

Pure Lip Gloss: Smooth high-glossy lip gloss in pure colors
- Excellent light reflection effect as glossy as top coat for maximum effect
- Stick-free and supple texture to leave the lips more comfortable
- Clear and subtle tone for the natural color of lips

How to use:
1. Draw lip line with lip liner.
2. Gently apply on lips from inner part to outer. For delicate expression apply with LANEIGE lip brush.

Nah, I got mine in mini size, it's only 1.5 gram with a cute phone strap, I always love mini size packaging with phone strap xD.. And I think the shade is Cherry Pink (LR09), check from here

although it is only the mini size but it is a good packaging for the mini one <3

Swatch on my hand
 The texture is like other lipgloss, a bit sticky and this lipgloss is slightly shimmery, and when applied, the shimmer is hardly seen. 

Swatches on my lips
 Without flash..  Sorry for my ugly, pale lips ._.

 With flash.. The color shows up well on my lips, it gives me fresh and healthy looking lips (well I always have super pale lips T_T).. And with this my face doesn't look as pale as it usually does. In the photo without flash the color looks so pinkish, but in real life it doesn't look so pinkish like that.

This lipgloss will gone after I eat or drink, just like other lipgloss. And if I don't eat the lipgloss will stay for about 4 hours and after that the glossy effect will start to fade. But so far this is my best lipgloss ever! it's much much much better than my Etude House Juicy Pop Tube xD

What I like: 
-Pretty color
-The color shows up well
-Cute packaging xD for mini size

What I hate:
-Pricey, it's around idr 220.000 for the fullsize and I think it's super expensive for just a lipgloss -___-

Repurchase? I really do want to repurchase the full size one of course, but it's just too expensive for me hahahaha :p     

Thanks for reading, how do you think about this lipgloss?? ^^
Love, Melissa  

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  1. lucu pinknyaaa melissa ^_^

    tapi harganya bikin mundur teratur :p

    1. Iyaaa, makanya aku sedih harganya mahal (╥_╥) padahal aku suka banget warnanya :(

  2. oooh im loving the shade, so cute ^_~

  3. Ahh that is what I thought when I saw the brand of this gloss. It is a high end lip gloss. I love the color. I am a sucker for gloss. I love love lip gloss more than i do lipstick. And how abt that phone strap! Ohh such a cute idea. Anyway, love the color!

    1. Yeah, and I'm sure that the other colors are pretty too! must have item (sadly I don't have enough money to buy the fullsize T_T), you'll love it! XD

  4. aaa warnanya lucu ya ka *-* tapi pricey bangett XD hehe

    1. iya aku ga bakal bisa beli huhuhu :'(

  5. warnanya cocok untuk kulit yg terang yah bibirnya >w< hihihiii

    follow back yah follow back yah .

    1. haha, aku rasa buat yang agak gelap juga cocok ^^
      thanks for visiting


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