Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Just Some FOTD :D

Hello everyone, I'm back!! Long time since my last post. I was really busy this week, really really busy, there were so many quizzes and tests, I must study but some of the results didn't make me satisfy T_T
Monday-Wednesday-Friday: Test
Monday-Tuesday-Thursday: Quiz
Monday-Tuesday: IQ Test
Saturday: There was a event held in my school and I was the one of the games committe, so I must stayed on school from morning till evening on Friday, and Satudray, really tired!
Finally I can hang out with Mei today, feel so refreshed ^o^
We went to Seven Eleven pluit, Pluit Village, and Harvest

I used: Lip Ice Sheer Colour, Etude House Juicy Pop Tube, Laneige Water Supreme Foundation (review ASAP as I have time), Geo Princess Mimi Green Apple, Eyelid tape
I only used the foundie for my dark circle btw :p I really hate my dark circle!! (you can see my severe dark circle on my bare naked face tag)

These are our cakes that we ordered at Harvest :D

This is Rainbow Cheesecake!!
The top was made from strawberry so it's a little bit sour, and the bottom  was made from mango. Yeah, usually I don't like mango flavour, but this one is great!

I love love love macaroons! mine was strawberry, and mei's banana. I tried mei's and the banana is more delicious than strawberry! But I think they're pricey (or am I stingy?? -_-)  Idr 9000 for 1 macaroon TAT

I think that's all for today, I'm really tired and want to take rest... I will post more often, I'm in holiday now yaaaayy ^^
I really want to post about many things but I have no time to do it T_T
Oh ya and I got my own camera now huehehehehehe, so happy xDD

Thanks for reading my post sweetie ;)
Love, Melissa

4 komentar:

  1. wah anak pluit juga ya? :D
    kamu cantik, kulitnya jg bersih deh! :)


    1. Waaah thanks x)
      Sebenernya bukan anak pluit sih, cuma deket jd sering main kesitu deh :D

  2. foto pertamanya kok kak tegang gtu ><

    1. hihihi padahal itu aku lagi santai loh xD


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