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Laneige Water Supreme Foundation # 23 Sand Beige

Good night everyone! How is your day? I have a really boring day today, I just spent my whole day sleeping and playing temple run, then I decided to do a review about this foundie.
Oh ya this foundie isn't mine I don't have enough money to buy this pricey thing!, it's my mother's but she said that I can use it whenever I want, I have a kind mother!! Love you mom :* and I don't think that my mother will use this foundie till finish, her previous foundie was thrown away because it has been 3 years, and it still 80%
I rarely use foundie or bb cream, just for special event or if I want to hang out with friend (for my dark circle -_-) but I use a little for my cheek if there are many blemish T_T ( not for school lah, I always go to school with my bare face)

Description: A skin-clarifying foundation with the supple Aqua Texture to enchance moisture clarity of your skin with a supple and refreshing texture.
1. Watery Light Texture
Deep Dimension Water smoothly refines the surface of skin and fills the skin with the suppleness and        plumpness of moisture coating to prepare your skin for makeup.
2. Supreme Moisture
Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and leaves the skin supple and free of dryness all day long
3. Thin Layer
With its light and spreading texture, it is much thinner and lighter than any other foundation and feels as comfortable as your natural skin

 It must shake well before use. The foundie comes in a glass bottle and with a pump, I like pump type but my mother often press it too hard that it comes too many -___-

This foundation is easy to blend, it's easier than my silky girl bb cream but with more coverage, it has sheer coverage I think because my acne scar still slightly visible after use this.

Before After
My skintone is lighter with this, luckily I don't have many acne scar so it still fine to go out with bare face.

This foundation doesn't make me break out so far, and it has a nice scent, floral scent maybe. I really like the scent, not like other foundation, but this foundation seems rough around my lips that very dry, I don't know why even though I have an oily skin but the area around my lips is always very dry :(
For the oil control, I it's just so-so  my face become oily after 3 hours -__- and for my nose it become oily after only 2 hours (my skin has became very oily lately I don't know what :(, so it will fine if you have normal or dry skin) and maybe it's because I used it on hot weather, haven't tried it at air conditioner room But, it's very light, I feel really comfortable with this on my face 
Oh and this foundation has SPF 15 PA+.

What I like:
- It has a nice scent xD
- matte finish
- pump type
- light texture

What I hate
- it's very pricey!!!! bought at idr 380.000 for just 35ml!!!
- there isn't anything special with the oil control
- looks rough on my dry skin around the lips

Repurchase? noooooooooo, I prefer BB cream 

Yeah that's all, thanks for reading my post and sorry for so many gramatical errors :(
Have you tried this foundation? please comment ^^

Love, Melissa

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  1. hahaha, too bad you are not that quite satisfied with the product...While I was reading your "hate part" you really emphasize that its mad expensive for such a tiny bottle..haha...lolz..Thanks for sharing this review~ I haven't tried any Laniege product but this will def NOT in my list anymore as oil control is low and its pretty pricey! I'll probably just look for other foundation instead..^_~

    1. But this foundation does well for dry/normal skin, as for my mother. Sadly I have oily skin (╥_╥).. For the price, I'm really really dissatisfied with it's super little content, phew. I think with that price it should be more than 35 ml -____-
      You're welcome, and thanks for left comment ^^

  2. laneige emang mahal bgtttt. tpi worth it :D heheheeh..klo bs jgn kseringan pake fondation, ga bagus buat kulit kt yg masi muda.. bb cream aja mendingan :)

    1. Iya muahaaal sekali (-̩̩̩-͡ ̗--̩̩̩͡ ) aku lebih tertarik ke skincarenya sebenernya. Iya pake foundation jarang bgt kok hehe paling kalo ada pesta/special event lain ^^

  3. too bad it doesnt have good oil control..
    its better to use mac than laneige though ;p

    1. Actually I prefer to use BB cream x) I don't really like using foundation ^^

  4. mukamu bener2 babyface bikin iri >.<
    I gave you an award

    1. Thanks for the complment Jesslyn *blush*
      And thanks for the award!! ^^

  5. i have this and its my 2nd favourite foundation!!
    chanel lumiere is my fave!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

    1. You're welcome Jen, and thanks for reading and left comment ^^
      sure, I'll follow you ;)


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