Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner #BK801 Shine Black

Good afternoon everyone! Today I will do a review about Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner #BK801 Shine Black. I bought this on July because my previous SUCK eyeliner ( you can read about it here) can't last even for just one hour! It even smudges after around half an hour -_-
I bought it for around idr 110.000 (+-) I forgot the exact price. I got the new packaging of this because the seller said that the old one have discontinued

Description: Highper Coating polymers, this Liquid eyeliner offers a strong hold that guarantees water, tear and smudgeproof color.

1. Use  brush to gathe makeup.
2. Trace line along upper and lower eye lines with dabbing motion
3. For stronger look, trace thick lines along upper and lower eye lines in one motion.

I love the brush, I can draw a very thin line with this :D

Swatches on my hand
 See? the brush can draw a very thin line xD
But I think this eyeliner doesn't very pigmented, the left one that I draw 'M', was just one swipe, and the one that I encircle was 2 or 3 swipe, I forgot.

 This is after I placed my hand under running water, dried it and rubbed it hard, it still there so it's smudgeproof and waterproof xD

 But this will happen if I rub my hand when it still wet, it was after I rubbed for 3-4 times

 I rubbed it until my hand became reddish T_T, it almost gone. 

This eyeliner really doesn't smudge, but if you rub it when it's wet it will turn into a kind of fiber like the picture above. But it is a shimmery one T.T I don't like wearing shimmering eyeliner ><

On my eyes

This eyeliner even didn't smudge when I cried, (LOL I'm a crybaby :p)
But this eyeliner tends to be smudge at the outer corner on my eyes, especially when I sleepy ( I yawn alot when I'm sleepy and my tear always comes out after I yawned) But yeah, it smudges into a kind of fibre, so it won't make your eyes look like panda eyes!

What I like:
-Really stay on my super oily lids even without eye primer 
-When smudge it will turn into a kind of fibre so don't worry about panda eyes

What I hate:
-It's a shimmery one -_-
-Smudge at the outer corner of my eyes
Repurchase? noooo, I want unshimmery eyeliner, and I want to try gel eyeliner :p

I don't recommend this for you who don't like shimmery eyeliner like me.Oh ya today I will watch Step Up Revolution, any of you have watched it??
Thanks for reading sweeties :*
Love, Melissa

10 komentar:

  1. wah kyknya km belinya kemahalan mel.. biasanya hrgnya sekitar 70-90rb tuh *__* hahaha
    btw emang smuanya shimmery ya?
    thanks for sharing ^^

    1. tidaaaaak sayang banget uuuuh x_x, aku gatau dimana beli yang murah sih ad recommend olshop yang murah ci??
      hmm kalo yang lain aku gatau juga shimmery ga, kayanya iya deh
      sama2 :D

  2. sayang yah the color is not really pigmented.. i hate eyeliner which doesnt pay off.
    thanks for the review :)

    1. Yeah, I'm searching a good smudge&waterproof eyeliner and pigmented eyeliner. But this one is not bad :)
      Yep, you're welcome ^^

  3. beli di aja say,,
    atau gak di / chic princessa..
    d sana harganya murah :)

  4. eye-cat nya keren.aku gak bisa bikin kaya gitu pasti melenceng kemana-mana

    1. Hihi thanks Adien xD
      Tapi sayang kalo melek kurang keliatan, aku monolid sih T.T

  5. Thanks for the review! this seems pretty decent wherein it is smudge and water proof~ I've been looking for a nice liquid liner that would help stay intact especially to my oily lids..-_-" I'm so going to check this out..^_~

    1. You're welcome x)
      I have oily lids too, super oily, and this eyeliner can last for around 5 hours ( don't know if more than 5 hours, haven't tried it yet) without smudge ^^


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