Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Oriflame Beauty Eyeliner Stylo #Black

Hello, how are you today? I'm so happy today because my geo lens has just arriven ^^..
But I must wait till my current lens has expired to try that geo T_T I can't wait to try them soon @@
Back to the topic, nah I bought this eyeliner about 3 months ago since my liquid liner has dried out (that's my favorite eyeliner!! forgout what brand is that)..
This is Oriflame Beauty Eyeliner stylo

I think the applicator is a lil too big :(

Swatch on my hand
 I can draw a thin line with this eyeliner :D but it's lil difficult to draw the thin one..
 After rubbed it.. It smudge -.-"
After I placed my hand under running water tap and I rubbed it..

On my eye

This is when I just applied the eyeliner, I draw a very thin line hehe :p

About 30minutes later, you can see it's starting to smudge at the outer corner of my eye..

What I hate
*It's neither waterproof nor smudgeproof x_x.. on my oily lids it was only last for 1 hour!! And it smudged BEAUTIFULLY :')
*The price is a little too expensive I think :( I bought it for idr 89000
*Doesn't have a cute packaging (I LOVE CUTE PACKAGING *-*)

What I like
*Easy application

Repurchase? ABSOLUTELY NO!!

So what do you think about this eyeliner? Anyone has tried this? I want to know how this eyeliner works on other people since I have oily eyelids ;)

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  1. Aku juga pernah pake ini, dan sumpah bikin nyesel banget belinya, sama sekali gak waterproof padahal klaimnya waterproof. . .

    1. iya masih bagusan yg aku beli di pasar biarpun merk ga jelas, tapi setidaknya masih waterproof :(

  2. hey! I found ur blog from your facebook :) And I found that ur blog is great! I'm following you back :) Hope you can follow my blog too and let's be friends! <3<3

    1. I'm so happy to read your comment Beata :') *sob*
      Thanks for your kind words, I'm following you now xD

  3. oriflame barangnya yg mending eyecrayon nya itu juga mesti kasi eyeshadow base ma dtimpa dikit lagi. >.<

    follow me :

    1. Aku ga punya base soalnya takut jarang kepake, aku pake eyeliner ga terlalu sering juga T.T oriflame very me smoothie foundie nya juga bagus, pernah coba punya tmen :p
      Aku udah follow dari kemarin2 kok hehe xD

  4. smudge banget dan engga cocok di mata yang oily....
    nice review :D

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

    1. Malah katanya di mata yang ga oily juga tetep smudge loh
      Thanks anyway :)
      following your blog now :D

  5. aku pake iniiii karena dibeliin mamaku aja -_-

    jelek banget, staying powernya ancur dan smudge parahhhh.. grrr


    1. memaaaang, nyesel banget punya ini ><

  6. wah nice review padahal aslinya aku mau beli lho pas baca post km jadi mikir-mikir lagi deh

    1. Hallo :D
      Iya aku saranin mending jangan, hrganya juga ga murah, mnding tambahin dikit lagi beli yg bagusan ☺ Hë•⌣•hë•⌣•Hë ☺


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