Selasa, 31 Juli 2012

Bare Naked Face Tag xD

I make this post because I'm inspired by Ci Shelvi to post my bare naked face :p, without any make up or circle lens. Yeah I always go to school without any make up, but I often wear contact lenses, so it's quite different when I'm not using circle lens

The Rules:
Capture yourself without any makeup and contact lenses.

Me without anything on my face :p
 Tired eyes, dark circle, Messy hair but I don't care lah, I just want to show my bare face :p

And this is me while using contact lens, I looks quite different when using contact lens, my eyes look bigger

I took this pic around early May, when I slept well so my dark circle wasn't terrible like now ;__;
and at that time my skin condition was very good, no pimples, no blemish T.T

Now, since I confuse who will I tag so I will just tag everyone :D

4 komentar:

  1. wow, lucunyaaa km melisa ^-^ hihi
    kelas brp?

    1. Aduh thanks ci ><
      Kelas 12 ^^
      Tahun terakhir sekolah nih x(

  2. imutt >.<
    baby face lhooo


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