Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

My Handmade stuff, and my lovely sunflower

Monday again, but I'm happy today, I went home from school two hours earlier because my teacher was absent hohohoho. I only write when my mood is good :p
So today I want to share about my handmade stuff

Handmade Ribbon Rose
These are my handmade rose. I made this actually because of my school project I must make a rose from ribbon, wire coated with crepe paper for it's stem and leaves. But these roses not for my school project. I made it for my bf, I decided to made a bouquet for valentine present for my bf. And he is happy ^^
Yeah I forgot to take a pic when the bouquet was finished but it's ok lah.

And I think I will made a tutorial for this ribbon rose if I have spare time, anyone want tutorial for making ribbon rose? hehe :D

Some flannel stuff

I made a snowgirl doll from flannel, I initially wanted to make 'her' as a broach, but I forgot to do it's lost now ._.
And that's Domo-kun pouch. I made it for my blackberry. I love domo, it's so cute xD

My Lovely Sunflower

 I planted all of my sunfie from a seed! It is a great enjoyment for me to see a single seed develop into a adult plant :')
Please don't use my sunflower photo without my permission because I took care of them with much effort, I watered them everyday morning and evening, I gave them fertilizer, moved them inside when it was raining outside, got rid of all bugs with my own hand, and when they were blooming I'm so happy :')
But yeah, they are dead now, sunflower will dead after they flowering so I'm not sad when they're dead :)

Oh ya I will get my own Camera really soon so there won't be any blurr pictures and I don't need to borrow my brother camera anymore, I always have to fight with him if I want to borrow his camera.
Actually I want to do a review about my Geo princess mimi today but I forgot to take the picture when the lens in it's case so maybe tomorrow.. 

Ok thanks for reading my post ^^ sorry my english is terrible but I just want to share :D

11 komentar:

  1. waa bagus bgt bunga mataharinya ^^ go green!! good job ;)


    1. Thank you xD dirawat dgn penuh kasih sayang itu hihihi
      Ayo ikut go green jg :p

  2. buseeet meeel di post juga sunflower nya..

    1. Buahahahaha bgs kan bgs kan, kmu dh aku pamerin belom sih mel sunflowernya? Nnti kalo yg ini dh tmbuh aku pamer tiap hari

  3. wow, theyre really great ;)
    i love the snowman and domo <3


    1. thanks Jessie xD
      I love the snowgirl most, she is really cute *o*

  4. itu cara bikin ribbon rosenya gimana?

    1. hallo ^^
      aku berencana bikin tutorialnya nanti kalo ada waktu, ditunggu ya :D

  5. hi, I like the sunflower, but there is no chance to grow it, maybe you know where I can buy sunflower seeds, tx

    1. Same with me, I really love sunflower <3<3.. Where do you live? If you live in Indonesia and not far from my city (so the shipping won't be expensive :p) I can give you some, I have a lot of them ^^.. Or you can buy them at www.iseedyou.com..

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