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Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads (review)

Hello, good morning everyone (I write this on morning! :p).. Lately I've been worried about my panda eyes (dark circle).. It became darker than before because lack of sleep, on may it was my final exams so I must study hard if I don't want my ranking to drop, and in June there was Euro too, so I was staying up all night when there was match on that night and in July, night became day and day became night for me -_-
So I need a product that can reduce or eliminate my dark circle, the affordable one of course :p
Nah when I was going to carefour a few weeks ago, I bought this Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads. Actually I've found this things few months ago, but at that time I thought that I don't need this thing.

Description: PUREDERM Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads are pre-moistened with real cucumber and other soothing ingredients. When used on top your eyes, these cucumber pads soothe tired, stressed eyes and help reduce puffines and dark circles.

How to use:
1. Wash our face and place pads on top of eyes or other face areas, lie back and relax
2. Leave pads on for 10-15 minutes and remove
3. Make sure reseal zipper bag after use

The packaging is simple, not cute at all T.T 
When I bought this my bf asked me 'Why don't you just buy cucumber at the market??' xD

The pad itself is a round-shape pad patterned like a sliced cucumber with a fresh cucumber scent (yaay I love this scent, before when I bought ovale cucumber mask it smells like a melon!)

When I used this pads, I lied down and tried to relaxing (but failed since my brother was too noisy).. 

Okaay this is my face when I was using the cucumber pads, and my brother call me 'Cucumber man'. When I used this mask I couldn't do anything, so I bored to the max -.-
it's better to put this pads in refrigerator to feel the maximum freshnees but I didn't do it :p

This pads is really affordable I bought this  Rp31.500 or around $3.00 and I got 10 sheets, so I can use this for 5 times.. 
After used this pads I felt that my eye refreshed and it's really cool xD
But I couldn't see any significant result from this pads even though I've used this for 5 times (not in a day of course!) , it didn't reduce my dark circle and didn't reduce my puffiness :(
If I just use this for one time and it doesn't reduce my dark circle I won't wonder lah, but I've used this for 5 times!

What I like:
*refreshed my tired eyes
*smells really nice xD

What I hate:
* I can't do anything when using this mask!
* Don't reduce my dark circle at all -.-
* it really hurt if the essence get into your eyes

Repurchase? No.. I want to look for better eye mask/pads, or maybe I will buy eyecream because my dark circle is horibble.. But it may works for other person, so anyone has tried this? Please comment :D

Thanks for reading my post :D

9 komentar:

  1. gpapa deh kalau bisa nyegerin mata >3<
    boleh dicobaa


  2. gpapa deh kalau bisa nyegerin mata >3<
    boleh dicobaa


    1. iya dapetnya banyak lagi enak banget kalo mata lagi capee xD
      tapi kalo essence nya kena mata perih banget ><

  3. Hahaha how cute are those pads! Love it. However, I'm like you, I prolly wouldn't have the patience to just lie there and not be able to do anything.

    1. wahaha we are impatient people :p
      but I prefer pads that can reduce dark circle on my eyes ._.

  4. dulu aku jg pernah cb ini yur.. tp mmg ga keliatan efek ngurangin dark circlenya, cm efek ademnya sih enak :D

    1. memang ci cuma enak efek ademnya doang T.T
      aku kayanya pasrah deh sama dark circle :'(
      masih muda tapi mata udah kaya org tuaa ><

  5. waah lucu banget tuh bentuknya timun :)
    i'm following you, fol me bac if you dont mind.. salam kenal :)

    1. iya memang lucu sebenernya aku juga beli gara2 bentuknya lucu hehe :D
      Followed dear :)


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