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Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #pure (review)

I got this Nymph Aura Volumer sample when I bought Etude House Juicy pop tube.. When I got this I thought "What's this thing? Is this blush on? Kind of lotion?" But all of my thought was wrong..
This is a kind of cream (mayble) that can makes your face become glowy like most of korean actresses..

Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer : Makeup Multi-Cream promotes skin radiance and glow with plumped up moisture. from cosmetic-love.com
#1 Pure: Diamond Radiance, Excellent adhesion, moisturizing effect and nutrition supply (mine)
#2 Brilliant: Aurora Radiance, Pearl and moisture radiance, glossy and shimmering skin effect
#3 Transparent: Pure and moist Radiance, less glossy and sticky texture

Direction:  Mix Volumer at 1:3 ratio with BB Cream. Use BB/Foundation brush to gather and apply mixture evenly to face.Also applicable as glow highlighter: dispense Volumer onto middle fingers and use fingers to mix and apply glow to forehead, cheekbones and nose bridge.

Swatch on my hand
 The texture is a little sticky (for me), and it's colour is pink-transparent 
oh ya mine is  #1 pure

see? it'll makes my skin looks glowy glowy huahahahaha, if you look a little closer you will notice that it's pearly too

On my face
yeah this is my face, I don't mix this with my bb cream, I use my bb cream as usual (I only use bb cream when hang out or special event, for daily use BIG no), and I used this volumer as highlighter for my nose bridge and cheekbones.

You can see my nose bridge became a kind of glowy, different with my usual looks (I always love matte finish you can see my previous FOTD here)

I took this photo at platinum, the lightning was dim-light so the glowing effect didn't show up well ._.

What I like:
*makes my skin looks glowy ><
*looks dewy
*smells good <3
*you just need very little amount for use

What I hate:
*a bit sticky
*Expensive (for a poor student like me)
*if use too much can make face looks oily, in the first trial I used this volumer too much and my face looks so oily

I recommended this for you who love dewy looks. And not for you who have super oily skin because it can makes your face looks more oily (My face is combination I think, really oily at nose, forehead, not too oily at cheeks and chin dry at nosebridge ._.)

I think I will buy this someday later when I have excess money :p

Oh ya, I just watched "The Amazing Spiderman" last night, and it's really amazing!! I really like the new 'spidey' guy he's so damn awesome so much better than the previous spidey Toby mcguire (if I'm not wrong) ahahahah.. Names Andrew Garfield
 It's different from the previous 1 2 3 spiderman, it's a reboot.. So the story is different too :)
Make sure you watch this movie if you have time, you won't regret ;)

Again, thanks for reading my post it's took a long time to make this post pheww, and sorry for my really bad english ^^

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  1. aku belum pernah coba yg #3 nih, udah pake #1 dan #2 dan suka sih hehehe.

    tapi karena kulitku normal to oily jadinya cepet banget berminyak :(

    1. waah aku penasaran pengen coba yang 2 kayanya bagus tuh xD
      aku juga pake ini sekitar 3jam udah berminyak :(
      udah hopeless sama kulit muka aku cuma ngandalin kertas minyak T.T

  2. on your pic, is the boy behind you ur boyfie? XD if yes, damn cute eh! #salahfokus wanted to try the volumer, but after I swatched it down the etude counter, it's so sticky >.< not for me, I guess

    1. Hahaha yeah he is my bf :D thx for the compliment for him :p
      Maybe the different shade is not too sticky? this one is quite sticky.. I want to try the other shade especially #2 xD


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