Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

My Late July Haul & some random things :D

Hello everyone, how are you today? I'm happy today, I got my ID Card today!! Yaaaay! Last Monday was my birthday and I am 17 now ^^
nah this is my haul not much eh, there are some thing that left, I forgot where I put them -_-
and sorry for the blur pic, I took this with my phone camera
Okay there are some sample, but I include them, sorry :p
So they are:
-Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner {review coming soon}
-Etude House Proof 10 Jewelry Pencil #1 Metallic Silver {review coming soon}
-Etude House Petit darling nails
-Etude house mask #Pomegranate {review coming soon}
-Clean & Clear Oil Control Film
-Etude house Nymph Aura Volumer #3 Transparent (sample)
-Etude House Baking powder B.B deep cleansing foam (sample)
-Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (sample)
-Geo Princess Mimi #Green apple {review coming soon}
-Etude House Wonder pore freshner (sample, but it's 25ml! much for a sample)
-Etude House skin malgem toner & moisturizer

And now I want to share about my birthday party ^^. But I haven't many pictures, all the pictures are in Mei and my cousin's camera -_- So I will just post pic in my phone

Me with my cousin :D my eyes are so small ><
 With my Friend

Aaaaannddddd about my cake hohohoho, I really love my cake, but it have been eaten out now T_T I'm so saaaad T_____________________T
Nah this is my cake
Again sorry for the blurry pic.. The cake is made by my request. So, it is me, playing piano hahaha xD, I always wish that I have a grand piano, but that's impossible grand piano is too expensive for my family, I must satisfy with my keyboard now ._.
And I got a lot presents, and I love them all, thank you so much :') *sob
Oh ya I got polaroid from my cousin, cici Ing-ing, thanks cici Ing-ing *hug*
Thanks for reading my post, I hope you like my random post :')

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  1. happy birthday ^^
    congrats ya udah 17 thn ^^ hehe

  2. nice haul :)
    you look cute with that dress <3
    happy birthday to you ^^

    1. thanks, it's my favorite dress now :D

  3. wow asik dpt instax.. :D
    happy birthday ya yur.. Wish you all the best.. :D Mata km kecilnya sebelas dua belas sm aku :p

    1. iya seneng nihhhh ^^ tapi isi polaroidnya mahaal ><
      hahaha toss, udah diakalin tetep aja susah biar keliatan belo :(

  4. nice post~ you look so cute ^^

  5. happy birthday ka~~^^
    Review lensnya ditunggu >,< o ya, bikin tutorial pake contact lens dong kak :P hihihi *request

    1. thanks Marsha :D
      iya nnti ku review lensnya hoho. hmm boleh juga idenya nanti kalo ada waktu aku bikin ya ^^

    2. hihihi, thankyou kaaak :D ditunggu :P

  6. found your blog, you're cute and your blog's amazing, and happy birthday! followback>?

    Hello, I gave you an award, the versatile blogger one! Check this: http://alexandrawangsblog.blogspot.com/ :D

    1. Thanks for give me this award!!
      Followed you back :*

  7. so many etude house products!!
    i love polaroid too ;)


    1. I love etude house product they're affordable and most of them have cute packaging ><


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