Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

My simple Nail art

My holiday almost finish, and I just spend my holiday in my sweet home :'), how lucky am I.. When I was very boring yesterday I decided to do some nail art, in my school disallow student to use nail polish.

Back to the topic lah, I just want to show you my terrible nail art, it's really a mess T.T

if you see it close up you will see how mess the nail polish is TT^TT I'm really bad at using nail polish, it always untidy!

oh ya I used this stuff

 Etude house petit darling nails, in black color
And the clear one from face shop (I forgot the name), I use this as top coat

About the flower.. try to guess what I used for make the flower..
what did I use to make the flower....
jeng jeng jeng...
I used nail art sticker!!
huahahahaha, it's so easy to use

First, apply the nail polish, then paste the nail stickers, finally apply the top coat, and the nail art is finished!!
But just doing a simple one like this it took a long time for me T_T
I'm really bad at doing nail art huhuhuhu

ok that's enough, thanks for reading my useless post xD

9 komentar:

  1. Wow it's great! Look's like anna sui ;)

    1. Thanks beata xD
      itu sebenernya berantakan loh pinggirannya, ga pro aku pake kutex
      Oh ya aku mw vote farfalla kok ga bisa ya T.T

  2. You can try using an acetone dipped q-tips to clean the messy outer part of your nail. Always works for me :D

    1. What's acetone dipped q-tips? And where to buy it? I really know nothing about nail art T.T
      Thanks for the advice btw xD

  3. simple tapi cute lho
    suka deeh :3

    maen-maen blog ku ya

    1. Thanks yaaa :D
      Iya aku dah maen keblog mu
      Following you now ^^

  4. wah pengen jg ><
    but i get scold from my mum TT...
    dy ngak suka ,, ><

    1. Wah kenapa bisa ga suka? Kan lucu liat kuku dihias2 bagus xD sayang banget yah :(


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